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Numerical Computing with Simulink

Dr. Richard J. Gran

The book Numerical Computing with Simulink is published by the Society for Industrial and Appliced Mathematics, SIAM. It is available from SIAM at:

There are over 80 Simulink and MATLAB files that are an adjunct to the book. You can download these from:

To insure that MATLAB and Simulink properly utilize these files, download them to a directory and un-zip the files. The files will then be grouped into 9 sub-directories labeled Chapter 1 through Chapter 9. Make sure that the directory you create to store the files is on the MATLAB path as follows:

1. Change directory (using cd or pwd) to navigate to the directory that you created. You can also navigate to this directory using the MATLAB browser at the top of the MATLAB command window (either type in the fully configured name in the edit window, or use the ellipsis - the "..." at the right of the edit window - to navigate to the directory).

2. Click the "Set Path..." option under the "File" menu, and select "add with Subfolder..." on the left side of the GUI that opens. This will put all of the directories on the MATLAB path.

There is a MATLAB GUI that will be in the top directory that will open the models. The GUI is structured to allow you to select the models based on the chapter they are in. After all of the files are downloaded, you can start the GUI by typing NCS_Library at the MATLAB command line. There also is a README file that has up to date information about the files.