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NEW -- Numerical Computing with Simulink

To learn more about this Book, Click Here...

This book, combined with the extensive experience we have had, has been used to develop courses for many different companies to teach working engineers how to use MATLAB®, Simulink®, Stateflow® and many of the Toolboxes and Blocksets.

Among the courses available are:

A set of one-day introductory courses on how to use MATLAB, the MATLAB Tool Boxes, Simulink, or the Simulink Block Sets.

A set of two-day practical courses with many hands-on examples.

A four-day course on either MATLAB or Simulink. This set of advanced level courses teach both how to use the tools and how to exploit the numerical methods that are embodied in them.

All of these courses use Numerical Computing with Simulink by Dr. Gran or Numerical Computing with MATLAB by Cleve Moler (both books are published by SIAM:

We can also prepare special courses for your company. Over the years we have taught many of our clients how to use MATLAB, Simulink and the associated Toolboxes and Blocksets in an integrated production environment that allows the creation of embedded code directly from models that contain the specification for the design and the actual design in executable form.

Contact us to receive information and a course description brochure.


MAC Helps Create a Process

The advanced approach to systems engineering embodied in executable specifications allows the creation of rapid prototypes, and has made it possible for many engineering companies to bring products to market at a very rapid rate. For an overview of this approach see:

MAC has applied this approach in many different efforts. To see how it was used to develop a control system analysis tool for NASA see the Powerpoint Presentation at:

Among the many MAC clients are:


Lockheed Martin

Northrop Grumman

NASA (Kennedy Space Center and Stennis)

Bay Area Rapid Transit in Oakland


The MathWorks


MAC Provides Analysis, Modeling, and Synthesis Tools for:

Aerospace Systems

Transportation Systems

Power Systems

Signal Processing (Digital and Analog)

Event Driven Systems

Generic System Modeling

MAC associates each have over 40 years of experience. They are experts in all aspects of systems development and design. Our associates cover disciplines as diverse as control systems, communications, signal processing, structural dynamics, propulsion, transportation, and power electronics.

All MAC associates are also experts in MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, and the associated toolboxes including the Control Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox and the Simulink Block Sets for Power Systems, Signal Processing and Communications

MAC also provides expert testimony on all aspects of science and engineering.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your design problems.


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